1. Hebrew Sefer HaChinuch Volume 1

Hebrew Sefer HaChinuch Volume 1

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Zichron Asher Herzog Edition
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Bereishis - Mishpatim: Mitzvos 1-80

This multi level Hebrew elucidation is for the layman and Talmid Chacham alike. Study and understand Sefer HaChinuch with clarity and in depth, as never before.

  • The Hebrew text, authoritatively researched by Machon Yerushalayim, is newly vowelized.
  • Every phrase is translated and explained, following the pattern of the Schottenstein Talmud.
  • Notes explain the background and concepts
  • Sources of the laws are cited and explained.
  • References to other works and classic halachic sources are provided for those interested in further research.
  • Illuminating "Insights" reveal broad dimensions of the mitzvos.
  • An Overview discusses the inner meaning and spiritual uplift of the mitzvos.

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